New York Properties

Life in New York City

New York City earns daily its reputation as The City That Never Sleeps. From work to play to home, New York City offers opportunities galore and vibrates with energy and excitement that never quits. Encompassing over 302 square miles, the vibrant city is the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the country.


Houses, apartments, condos, co-ops, and single rooms provide housing for approximately 8,600,000 residents in addition to thousands of hotel rooms for short term stays. With the median income for New York City of approximately $42,000 per year, housing in the country’s most populous city is very affordable, though some locations are fairly expensive.


Employment rates in New York City have risen steadily in the 21st Century. Involving high-tech, white collar jobs to solid, blue collar positions, New York City employment outlook and projections are positive.

  1. Finance: Home of the nation’s financial heartbeat, New York City monitor’s and influences the world’s economy. Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, and over 2800 domestic and foreign banks, including one of the key federal banks in the nation, local, national, and global financial employment is a growing opportunity.
  2. Legal: From public service positions on either side of the aisle, private law firms, and non-profit advisory positions, paralegal, legal secretary, and intern positions, all facets of the legal profession present legions of opportunities.
  3. Customer Service and Tourism: From clothing stores to toy stores, book stores to coffee shops, hotels, travel agencies, and custodial services, zoos, museums, galleries, florists, and so many more, customer service positions abound in all five boroughs of the city.

Entrepreneur Spirit

New York City has been a center of entrepreneurs since its founding as a trading post called New Amsterdam in 1624.

Contemporary times are no different. A myriad of small businesses sprinkle the New York City landscape and stretch to all city borders.

  1. Black-Owned Firms: Over 12% of small businesses are owned by blacks, presenting a significant portion of economic input to the city.
  2. Asian-Owned Firms: Asian immigrants or Asian Americans own approximately 13% of small businesses throughout the boroughs.
  3. American Indian and Alaska Native-Owned Firms: A growing segment of business owners, the percentage of business ownership has risen from 0.9% to approximately 1.2% in just a few years.
  4. Hispanic-Owned Firms: the second largest segment of business owners, over 16% of small businesses in New York City are owned by Hispanics.
  5. Women-Owned Firms: A rising figure in New York City, women own approximately 33% of businesses in the five-borough metropolitan area.

Categories of Economic Impact

Top categories of businesses fall into three domains outside specific career paths:

  1. Wholesale Trades account for over $173,500,000,000 in revenue in New York City.
  2. Retail Sales account for over $55,518,490,000 in revenue. Retail sales per capita reach $6,828 per person residing in or visiting the city.
  3. Accommodation and Food Service Sales top $14,280,485,000 annually.

Major League Sports

The sports fan finds a home in New York City. All sports are well represented and find faithful followings in all disciplines.

  1. Major League Baseball: The New York Mets represent the National League East, based in Queens, play on Citi Field. The New York Yankees represent the American League East are based in the Bronx and play in Yankee Stadium.
  2. National Football League: While both teams practice and play in New Jersey, each team below pay homage to New York City by incorporating the city in their names. The New York Jets represent the American Football Conference and play in Meadowlands Stadium. The New York Giants represent the National Football Conference and play in the same stadium.Sharing the stadium brings added excitement to this long standing rivalry.
  3. National Basketball Association: The New York Knicks enjoy an extraordinarily faithful fan base and play in Madison Square Garden. The Women’s Basketball Association brings quality performance to the city via its distaff team, the New York Liberty who also play in Madison Square Garden.
  4. National Hockey League: In or near New York City, three hockey teams bring fans to the ice. The New Jersey Devils present the Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference and play in the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The New York Rangers represent the Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference and play in Madison Garden in Manhattan. The New York Islanders also represent the Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference and play in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.
  5. Major League Soccer: The New York Red Bulls bring soccer fans high quality foot play in the Eastern Conference competition, played in the Red Bulls Stadium in Harrison, NJ.

Entertainment and Attractions

New York City is filled with amusement parks, zoos, botanical gardens, theaters, libraries, and a myriad of other entertainment venues.

Enjoy a quiet stroll through the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Museum of Modern Art for a full range of work from the Masters to contemporary giants. If you are going to any of the museums, check first for daily money saving deals.

Central Park offers lush grassy areas for touch football or shade trees for reading a book, picnics, jogging and bike paths, a zoo, and even a skateboarding area.

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum presents interactive exhibits, walking tours, and even a movie glimpse into the trials and travails of immigrants through the main US entry point, now closed and preserved for posterity.

Take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island for both tourists wanting to see the Statue of Liberty and for commuters traveling to and from work.

Rockefeller Center has long been a stalwart economic center and tourist attraction. Home of Radio City Music Hall and known well for its ice skating rink and the huge Christmas tree annually, Rockefeller Center also hosts offices and studios for the broadcast firm, NBC, and the show, Good Morning America.

The Statue of Liberty is the second most popular attraction in New York City. A gift from the French, Lady Liberty has been a symbol of freedom and hope for generations. The French created two statues, and the French also maintain Lady Liberty’s twin in Paris.

The Empire State Building is New York City’s top attraction. It long held the record as the tallest building in the city, finally topped by the Sears Building and the World Trade Towers which was destroyed on September 11, 2001. Visit the Towers Memorial where the towers once soared.


Public education and private schools encompass all grades and ages in New York City. Preschools to high schools, competition can be intense, but all economic and social backgrounds have opportunity for a well-rounded education.

Famous universities and institutes abound, including the following few:

  1. Juillard School of Performing Arts: Known for its Music Division, Julliard offers advanced instruction also in Dance and Drama.
  2. Columbia University: Founded in 1754, the school is the state’s oldest and one of the countries oldest institutes of higher learning.
  3. The New York Film Academy: Dedicated to the film industry, this institution is dedicated to all facets of film production including acting, photography, cinematography, and directing.


A well-developed public dawson transportation system and extensive cab service tie together the virtual cornucopia called New York City. Living the high life or preferring a quiet existence, every New Yorker contributes to the excitement and potential this city offers as a gateway to the future.