The Bronx

The Bronx, or Bronx County, is the northernmost borough of the five that compose New York City and is the last county to be incorporated in New York State. Bronx County also holds the sole distinction as the only borough of the five to be primarily located on the mainland.

The city-county became part of New York City in 1868 and holds third place in population density in the country, yet it has approximately 25% of its 42 miles of land mass open, allowing for numerous parks, historic cemeteries, zoos, and cultural attractions.

Progression and Vitalization

While not technically a separate city, the National Civic League awarded the Bronx the honor designation of All American City in 1997, paying tribute to the borough’s intensive revitalization efforts. Affordable housing, economic boosts, and environmental improvements have granted new life and new prospects for businesses, residents, and tourists alike.

Affordable housing has grown in the borough with an additional 33,000 units or more have been made available. The efforts of the borough council dubbed construction cranes as the area’s visual marker, and that effort has paid off brilliantly with economic improvements in the millions and new residents increasing every year.

Casual Entertainment

The Bronx provides a variety of entertainment venues suiting most tastes and inclinations:

  1. Bronx Zoo: The largest metropolitan zoo in the country, the Bronx Zoo covers 265 acres and is open 361 days of the year, closing on only Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Martin Luther King Day. Exhibits, restaurants, and special events complement the hundred of animals the Bronx Zoo houses.
  2. The Bronx Museum of the Arts: Specializing in 20th Century and contemporary art, the museum offers continuing displays by American artists but also sponsors showings by artists from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The museum boasts a primary display inventory of over 800 photographs, paintings, sculptures, and more.
  3. New York Botanical Garden: Arboretums to the Native Forest to the Perennial Garden and Exhibitions, this world famous attraction even sports a Children’s garden and activity center. Enjoy the rich colors and landscapes while rediscovering Nature’s artistry.
  4. Off-Off-Broadway: ‘off-off-Broadway’ plays and forums encompassing audiences of less than 100 people. Productions can range from highly professional portrayals to amateur performances. Coffee houses to theaters, off-off-Broadway venues allow a variety of plays en route to Off Broadway or not.
  5. Hall of Fame for Great Americans: This well-known attraction is the original hall of fame in America and was founded in 1901 on the grounds of the Bronx Community College. The attraction spotlights not celebrities and sports figures but renown Americans who contributed enormously to the development of the country and whose efforts projected facets of culture, economics, science, medicine, or other areas far above previous plateaus.


The Bronx borough offers a growing economy, generous housing, and a wide variety of entertainment options. Education opportunities include world famous universities and solid base education institutions. Overall, life in the Bronx can bring satisfaction, stability, and opportunities stretching beyond the horizon.